The Politics of Vetting, Parliament and Government Scams

It Is said that a single day in the life of Kenyan politics is a very long time. This week has been one of Kenyan politics at its best. The results of this week speak for themselves: Kenya now has a new Chief Justice (CJ), Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as well as 5 new Supreme Court Justices.

Also this week, Parliament reared its ugly head when debating the judicial nominees and the DPP nominee. Sadly, what I feared earlier this week has come to pass. Parliament failed to rise to the occasion and ensure that Kenya gets a suitable candidate beyond reproach as its first DPP under the new Constitution. This week also saw the release of an internal audit report by the Ministry of Finance stating that 4.2 Billion Shillings was misappropriated by the Ministry of Education in its Free Primary Education programme.

All these events sum up a week that will certainly go down in history as the most bittersweet 5 days of 2011.
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