Sinai Fire: Let’s Be Focused

I’ll keep this very brief.

I understand that a lot of you are quite angry about everything going on with this Sinai disaster. Yet again the government is failing the people. The poorest among us lose their lives to negligence as the number of dead is constantly being massaged by authorities to downgrade the severity of matters at hand. Blame is being shifted. Responsibility isn’t being taken. And certain opportunistic bastards are busy selling graphic images in hopes of finally making a profit off a disaster that’s already cost the country even more lives. And if that’s not enough, there are other crises all across the country.

Trust me I’m as angry as you are about all these and more.

But let’s be focused. Many lives have been lost. Many still need help. Donate blood, food, whatever you can and save a life. The rest of these cockroaches can and will be dealt with in due time.

Let’s make a change where we can.

That is all.