Daily Dozen 09/12


- Dear Obama, you’re too good for American politics. It’s not so much racism as it is anti-intellectualism [HuffPost]
- “Wheels Slowly Coming off The Hague Express” [Kumekucha]
- China: Richer, stronger, and now officially smarter than the rest of the world [TIME]
- Political impasse or constitutional crisis: Law Society of Kenya’s Options [KenyanJurist]
- Wikileaks reveals interesting stuff on Kenyan-Somali relations [KenOpalo]
- Woman supposedly ‘raped’ by Assange has CIA ties. Kinky [RawStory]
- “An End to Slums” [AfricaOnTheBlog]
- “Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery” [Wamathai]
- “By The Powers vested In Me” [ActurialOutlook]
- “TPF4 Trivialities” [Sylkwan]
- Even in crime-plagued South Africa, this stood out as a tragedy [BBC]
- “Taveta Weddings” [Sheeremix]

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