Nancy Baraza: The Power of Words & the Danger of Power

The unfortunate truth of being a public figure is that the ‘public’ shall always preface your ‘figure’. Whatever you do or don’t do will always follow what the public says or thinks you have done; and that damage is irreversible.

But under the new constitution, it is punishable by law.

Enter the Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza and this whole saga at the Village Market.

The Star paints a picture of an aggravated Baraza pulling a gun on an innocent security guard who went from trying to do her job to fighting for her life.

The Nation‘s online edition tells a different story of a mother who was buying medication for her hospitalized son when a security guard insisted she be subjected to a search(even though she was already past the security checkpoint). Nancy declined, a verbal exchange ensued and the next morning police reports were lodged and 2 days later, news articles were printed.

The Standard doesn’t seem to have any thoughts on the matter. Our writer, 3CB, however, did:

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