Daily Dozen: 19/01

- Who’s Your Mother? [Your Baby-Daddy's Favourite Blogger]
- We stay with the Hague! Sign the petition! [ALK]
- Kenyan Dumbocracy: A Rant [Gathara]
- Is Tunisia the first domino to fall? [Telegraph]
- Beef With Soap & Hearing Aids [Learn Kenyanese]
- Not Kenyan Enough? [Diaspora Blogger]
- A New Gold Rush in Africa [WSJ]
- Steve Jobs: Apple’s Magician [Reuters]
- DSTV Mobile on iPod, iPad, iPhone and PC Available Through “Drifta” [TechMtaa]
- Is Advertising Creativity Dead in Kenya? [Some Guy]
- An Uprising in Egypt inevitable? [News24]
- Land of Rape, Lions, and Bones, Apparently. [Tonic]

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Daily Dozen: Inaugural Edition

Real quick. As our little DR following grows(Thank you), we’ve decided to grow with you.
The Daily Dozen will be a collection of interesting blogs, articles, observations: basically us justifying our procrastination by collecting 12 random(hopefully relevant) links.

Any suggestions: shoot us a line at diasporadical@gmail.com or @DiaspoRadical. Pamoja.

- Do You Spit or Swallow? [Rafiki Kenya]
- 50 Ways to Find a Lover in Nairobi [Diary of A Gay Kenyan]
- Apple Sells 120,000 iPads in One Day [TSS]
- 3 Cheers For the Placenta Party [Zuqka]
- Industrializing a Nation is an Art of War [Kumekucha]
- First Lady Blames Police For Protests [Nation]
- CIA Documents: How The Cold War Shaped Kenya [Nation]
- The ICANN Meeting That Almost Never Was [Standard]
- U.S. to Roll Out Major Broadband Policy [Reuters]
- A Look Into The Future: Kenyan Sci-Fi [BBC]
- Indonesia Hit by a 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake [CNN]
- War on Corruption Should Begin With Petty Offenders [Kenyan Psychiatrist]